The Force

Specialization: Force-Sensitive
The Force-Sensitive Emergent specialization is a universal specialization, and the experience cost to take it is ten times the total number of specializations that the character would have with (and including) the new specialization. While this means that the specialization costs the same as a career specialization, universal specializations are not career specializations.

Force Powers
The primary means by which a Force user manipulates the Force is not unconscious. A true Force user can deliberately tap into the Force to change and manipulate himself and his surroundings. The Force can allow someone to do things others may see as fantastic or even unbelievable: levitating items, blocking blaster shots with one’s hands, controlling the minds of others, and even predicting the future. Force powers are the means by which a Forcesensitive character accomplishes those tasks. In AoR, Force powers are broad and overarching abilities that allow Force-sensitive characters to perform impressive and fantastic feats. Each Force power focuses on a particular task that can be performed through the manipulation of the Force. The initial purchase of each Force power costs 10 experience, although once purchased, the user may spend additional experience to further customize and enhance his power.

Most Force-sensitives use their Force powers through a variant of AoR’s core mechanic, assembling a dice pool and rolling it to see if the power resolves successfully. However, unlike most skill checks, Force power checks do not generate successes. Instead, they generate resources that are spent to fuel a power’s effects in the game.
Unless stated otherwise in the power’s description, activating a Force power is an action. When a Force-sensitive character attempts to activate a power, he creates a dice pool that consists solely of a number of Force dice equal to his Force rating. He then rolls the dice. Every light side result generates 1 Force point the character may spend to fuel the power’s abilities. Every dark side result generates no Force points, and is disregarded.

However, the dark side of the Force is always offering easy power, tempting a Force user to give in and accept its aid. A Force-sensitive character may choose to allow 1 or more dark side results to generate additional Force points—in addition to the light side results- The consequences that come with this choice can be dire, and can gravely affect the individual who gives in to this temptation. Full-fledged Jedi and other powerful Force users suffer unique penalties for doing this that are not detailed here. However, nobody is completely immune from the consequences of choosing the quick-and-easy path. A Force-sensitive character in AoR who wishes to use 1 or more dark side results to provide Force points for his power must flip one Destiny Point from light to dark. If there are no light side Destiny Points to flip, he may not use dark side results at all. He then suffers strain equal to the number of results he wishes to use.

The long-term consequences of constantly tapping into the dark side of the Force are left up to the roleplaying of the player and the CM. However, both should keep in mind that the dark side is born of fear, anger, and hatred, and these emotions should be present in the Player Character.

Once a Player Character assembles his available Force points, he consults his Force power and determines how he will spend them. Most of a power’s abilities require 1 or more Force points to activate. Unless specified otherwise, each ability may be activated multiple times. Once the Force power has been resolved, this concludes the character’s action. A Force power is always “successfully” activated, even if the check does not generate any Force points to spend on the power.

Most of a Force power’s effects last for a specific length of time and then end. Some effects last only for the duration of the action, while others may last for several rounds, or even minutes or days. However, some Force power effects are known as ongoing effects. Unlike other effects, ongoing effects last until the Force user deliberately ends them. Some Force powers have no ongoing effects, while others have ongoing effects exclusively. However, most Force powers have a mix of ongoing and standard effects. To activate an ongoing effect, the Force-sensitive character does not need to spend Force points. Instead, he must commit a number of Force dice to fuel this effect (the number required is listed in the individual effect). Each committed force die may not be used in any future checks (either checks to activate Force powers or the rare skill checks that include force dice) as long as this ongoing effect is maintained. The ongoing effect may be maintained as long as the Force user likes, although realistically the GM may determine that certain circumstances may require him to end the ongoing effect. In essence, the Force user temporarily reduces his Force rating by his total committed force dice. An ongoing effect may be ended at the end of any subsequent character turn as an incidental.

Each Force power can be divided into two sections: the power’s basic form, and its upgrades. When a Force-sensitive character purchases a Force power, he immediately gains access to the most basic form of the power. This is the first row of the Force power tree, when consulting the power’s visual breakdown. The basic form is the Force power at its simplest, and provides the foundation for all of the upgrades that accompany the Force power. The Force power’s upgrades are the means by which players can customize the Force powers their characters access, modifying them to serve their needs and their characters’ personalities. Upgrades are purchased with experience points, and each upgrade may only be purchased if it connects to the basic form or a previously purchased upgrade. The experience cost of each upgrade is listed in its box.

Force power upgrades are grouped into several different categories, as described below:
Strength: Strength upgrades amplify the basic
effect of a power, making the power more potent.
Magnitude: Magnitude upgrades increase the
number of targets affected by the power, allowing
the user to affect multiple items or individuals with
a single action.
Duration: Duration upgrades increase the length
of time of the power’s effects.
Range: Range upgrades increase the distance
from which the Force power can affect its targets.
Control: Control upgrades add new effects to
Force powers, or modify existing effects (adding
or changing the way the Force-sensitive character
spends Force points).

These categories remain the same for each Force power, although how they modify the Force power depends on the power itself. For example, the Duration upgrade for Influence increases the length of Influence’s effect by one minute or one round of combat per upgrade, whereas the Duration upgrade for Sense increases the number of times its ongoing effects can be triggered each round. Some Force powers may not have each category of upgrades, depending on the power and how it works.

The Force

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