"Kir" Kalamir

Kalleran Vanguard


Brawn: 3
Agility: 3
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 1

Ranked Skills:
Athletics, Cool (2), Perception, Resilience, Streetwise, Vigilance, Brawl, Melee, Ranged (Heavy) (2)

Bodyguard, Heightened Awareness, Toughened, Moving Target


Kir left Kaller in search of fame and fortune xey could not find on their homeworld. After several jobs as short-term bodyguard or hired gun xe found xemself on a recently taken (unhappily) Empire world. That was one of the first times xe had come into close contact with the ubiquitous Stormtroopers, and would color xyr further interactions with them. Xe drew too much attention to xemself and after a deadly (for a couple of the Stormtroopers) escalation of the “What are /you/ looking at?” dialogue xe was imprisoned awaiting public execution as an example of “those who would resist the Empire”.
Luckily for Kala’mir, xe happened to be shoved into a cell with another resistance member, one Albrecht Doa, an actual Rebellion member who had had the bad luck of getting caught just before they were about to escape off planet with some important information. The team that broke Albrecht out consequently released Kir, who helped them shoot their way out after the alarm was triggered.
Due to xyr performance, and xyr now darkened stance on the Empire, Kir was offered a position in the Rebellion, a chance to make a name for xemself – once the war was over of course.

-Kala’mir prefers Xe/xis/Xem pronouns, but will rarely correct anyone who uses the wrong pronouns.
-Xe has an older sister named Kazmira who left to gain renown as a sharpshooter.
-Xe does not react well to threats and is often of the “Hit them hard enough initially and they’re less likely to hit back” viewpoint. Xe is more likely to escelate then back down.
-Kir is unlikely to rely on teammates in a firefight, especially if they haven’t worked together before. Xe will protect specialists (since he knows it is often better to convince a door to open through slicing than literally slicing it open) but will leave more combat oriented persons to their own devices.
-Xis only real interest in the Rebellion is the opportune they present, and the debt owed for xis rescue. (Even barring their xenophobia, the Empire has little opportunity for personal glory)
-Kir holds little respect for droids and does not believe that they can be worthwhile autonomous beings. Nor would xe trust one to have xis back in a combat situation.
-Xe stole xis force poke from one of xis jailers. Xe enjoys using it on Stormtroopers
-Xe had xis armor custom made after a hiregun job left xim with a blaster bolt hole in xis side. Xe paid exorbitant prices for armor that was not only sized correctly, but also very breathable.

"Kir" Kalamir

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